Attention to detail, modern design, unique atmosphere… all our private rooms and boxes are soundproofed so you can just enjoy, sing and relax with your group. No matter how many, we have the perfect space for you.

Let us introduce you to our boxes!


Box for 4 people.

Your comfort zone to the sound of the voice of Amy Winehouse.

Voyage, voyage

Box for 4 people.

Disco-pop and non-stop rhythm for a small group without limits.


Box for 6 people.

Tune your voices in a box full of talent.

Cruz de navajas

Box for 7 people.

A box with Z, like Madriz, to sing Mecano for eight voices.

Dancing Queen

Box for 8 people.

Dance, sing and discover an ABBAbsolutely unique box.

Smooth Criminal

Box for 9 people.

The king of boxes for an experience with the air of genuine Pop.

No puedo vivir sin ti

Box for 10 people.

For the most romantic and nostalgic.

The Best

Box for 16 people.

Live an exclusive experience. The PlayBack Madrid VIP box.